Alaskan Mediterranean

We took the Alaska Railroad from Eagle River to Seward – which provided the MOST Alaskan views ever. Stunning vistas + wildlife + cool air.

Apollos is quirky. “Mediterranean” nods are all around you. There were Halloween decorations/figures up (in JULY) that were motion censored and had lots to say to us when we walked by. There seemed to be quite a few regulars hanging about.

I think everyone else in our group ordered pizzas and pasta. But my husband and I wanted fresh seafood. We were in Alaska dammit. So we ordered this massive platter for 2.

Let me just say, I LOVE crab legs. King Crab, specifically. I could probably eat them all day without stopping. These were no exception. So good. The fish? So good, so fresh. We managed to completely clean the platter (minus the crab leg shells). I’m sure the pizza/pasta was good. But we were in Alaska dammit.

Apollo Restaurant – July 5, 2015

Seward, AK


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