Girl & the Goat

I took my Mom on a surprise trip to Chicago for her birthday (thanks Southwest Airlines for your unbeatable rewards). We were going to see Bette Midler (duh) but also do some eating. When we arrived, the hostess told us she’d given us a really fun table: the chef table. We were face-to-face with the kitchen line, which to me is the best reality show in the world. We had an awesome host at the end of the line who kept passing us bits and pieces of things to taste. It was all phenomenal. Both of us tried many things we’d never eaten before. We had fun with the kitchen. We watched them cook with ease and finesse. We ate too much and loved every minute.

Girl and the Goat June 18, 2015

Chicago, IL

chickpea fritter chaat
chickpea fritter chaat
Goat Liver Mousse
Goat Liver Mousse
wood oven roasted pig face
oven roasted pig face . sunny side egg . tamarind . cilantro . red wine-maple . potato stix

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