Oregon Favorite

Pok Pok is a place that was almost bucket list-ish for us. This was our second visit there. This time for lunch, the first time was for dinner. The weirdness of Portland + Asian flavors + inventive dishes = Pok Pok. We even love the whiskey lounge you wait in across the street. It’s all so good. And weird. The Portland-ness truly enhances the experience. It’s exactly the way it should be. And the wings are so f***ing good.

Pok Pok July 21, 2016

Portland, OR

Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings Half dozen fresh whole natural chicken wings marinated in fish sauce and sugar, deep fried, tossed in caramelized Vietnamese fish sauce and garlic and served with Cu Cai (pickled vegetables.) Our signature dish. Based on our daytime cook Ike’s recipe from his home in Vietnam. Sai Ua Samun Phrai Chiang Mai sausage with herbs, Burmese curry powder and aromatics. Charcoal grilled and served with Naam Phrik Num (spicy green chile dip), Khaep Muu (Thai pork rinds) and steamed crudites. Rustic and spicy, should be eaten with sticky rice. Khanom Jiin Sao Naam central Thai thin rice vermicelli topped with minced fresh pineapple, ginger, green mango, dry shrimp, Thai chilies, garlic, topped with a sweet/sour dressing and coconut cream. From: https://pokpokdivision.com/main-menu/

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