Seafood in Portugal – Jeff’s favorite meal ever?

We were sent here by our travel-god, Bourdain. He blessed our lives with this information. We were drawn here by a beam of light, angel choirs singing, and old Portuguese men having beers and discussing the world’s problems.

The restaurant itself is big. Rightfully so, because there can be quite the wait to get in. You sit at long tables across from your partner, with a rotating crew of tablemates admiring each others’ selections. Then the seafood just starts coming. If you’re like us, you want the weird stuff and you want the classic stuff. Both are DELICIOUS. You get messy. You dive in, hands-first, picking at shells and trying to get the biggest, meatiest morsel you can unwrap. We probably could have/would have stayed here all night working our way through the menu, but our hearts were being beckoned by the fado singers yearning to sing us the sad tales of fishermen who caught our night’s dinner. It was perfect.

Cervejaria Romeo July 6, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

Tiger Prawns, Percebes, and some bread & butter
Tiger Prawns, Percebes, and some bread & butter

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