The best meal I’ve ever had

Starting this off with the best meal ever… so far.

We had seen Joe Beef featured on an Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown episode.

We’d had a long day of exploring Montreal. We were hanging in the Airbnb trying to figure out what we wanted to do for dinner. We figured we’d never get in. We called and miraculously, they had one final seating they could offer us. The last seating available. It was late. I can’t remember if it was 9 or 11 or something else that felt ridiculous for we three young American travelers.

We arrived and were sat at (what seemed to us to be) the best table in the house. A booth with a window facing the street AND in perfect view of the chalkboard menu. Our waitress was bubbly, friendly, and clearly wanted to make sure we had the best experience we could imagine. She sat down with us, talked us through the menu, offered suggestions, and kept the drinks flowing. The food was perfect. We tend to indulge our food whims pretty often. When decadent options are on the menu, we rarely order anything else. But the food here was next level. It was special and delicious. I never wanted it to end. We were tipsy, we ate well, and we’ll never forget it. It was a quintessentially romantic experience that we’ll forever attempt to recreate.

Joe Beef. October 4, 2014

Montreal, Canada


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