Mexican Seafood

Flavor is king at Jarocho’s. Everything has maximum spice in the best possible way. We get those langostines every time. And every time, I make the biggest possible mess. It’s not pretty to look at, but damn it’s delicious. They have some kick and take some work to get into. Not for the faint of heart. Also not for the faint of heart? Sucking the deliciousness out of the head of those babies. So so good.

Jarocho’s  is also known for their ceviche. It’s incredibly refreshing and full of yummyness.

We had the grilled lobster which I’d never had before, but am fully on board with. You can’t beat that claw/knuckle meat.

Plus that elote was perfect. Took me right back to Mexico, eating it wrapped in some foil, making yet another mess.

Jarocho’s June 29, 2018

Kansas City, MO

Cocktail, oysters, and lobsters
Cocktail, oysters, and lobsters
Ceviche and langostines
Ceviche and langostines
Lobster & Elote
Lobster & Elote

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