Mister Pizza in Florence

We’re sitting next to the Duomo in Florence at the sidewalk tables. There are artists and tourists everywhere painting, selling, admiring the incredible architecture. You inhale amazing smells at every turn. Incredibly good looking Italians are stopping for an aperitivo after work on their way home. You see the backpackers here for a quick night in Florence planning their day stop at Cinque Terre before moving on to Venice or Milan. All of this together evokes a really magical feeling that I can’t help getting completely wrapped up in when I’m in Florence. It feels historical and modern, urban and small, busy and relaxed, all at the same time. I love it so much.

Meanwhile, I’m admiring this pizza (also the duomo, but I was really hungry). I love when the crust has bubbled up at the edges while still being super-thin and crispy in the middle. Add the super-flavorful sauce and cheese, some arugula (rocket), and shaved Parmesan. I was in the deepest depths of my happy place. I go back there sometime in my mind… I’ll never forget you Mister Pizza.

Mister Pizza June 12, 2018

Florence, Italy


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