Raclette in Zurich

If you’re not familiar with raclette, stop reading this right now, do a quick google, probably also google your closest raclette location, run (don’t walk) to said location, eat some melted cheese, come back, maybe take a quick nap (I mean, you’re full of melted cheese), then come back to this post.

Raclette is straight up melted cheese. As a meal. Sure, you can add fun things to it like potatoes, cornichons, pearl onions, little baby corn, etc. But a pile of melted cheese is true perfection. At Raclette Stube, you can have unlimited raclette. They’ll just keep adding more melted cheese to your plate until you tell them you’re done. After a day being sprinkled with snow on a mountain in Switzerland… it really doesn’t get better than that.

Raclette Stube January 4, 2018

Zurich, Switzerland


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