Risotto in Firenze

Mercato Centrale is a place I could spend an entire day. Eating, then drinking until we’re hungry again, then eating again. We saw some tables full of people doing exactly like that – playing card games, wine glasses semi-full, planning which station they would hit up next. We spent a rainy afternoon in the market after feeling a little museum-ed out.

We sat at a table drinking wine while creating our eating strategy. My husband saw some awesome little chickens stuffed with artichoke, sundried tomatoes, and other yummy things. I had my eye on the truffle risotto. Truffles are big in Tuscany. I’m not the biggest truffle-fan. They’re usually a little too rich for me. Luckily, my risotto achieved the right balance! Plus, I was in the mood for truffle after seeing the $330,000 white truffle in the display case outside of the risotto station. Truffle risotto – so good on a rainy afternoon in Florence.

Mercato Centrale June 13, 2018

Florence, Italy

Black truffle risotto
Black truffle risotto
Giant White Truffle
Giant White Truffle

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