Top Chef in Chicago

Joe Flamm fan, here! It probably isn’t necessary to say because I don’t know anyone who isn’t a Joe Flamm fan, but I said it anyway. I was so pumped to go to Spiaggia and man, it seriously exceeded expectations from a hospitality and food perspective. The staff at Spiaggia is made up of actual angels who want nothing but the best for you.

In case you didn’t know, there are 2 restaurants. Spiaggia and Cafe Spiaggia. Turns out, we’d made our reservation at Cafe Spiaggia. When we realized our mistake, the hosts grabbed seats at the Spiaggia bar and figured out a way to get us a table within 30 minutes. Dinner guardian angels.  While we were at the bar, our bar tender guardian angel keept generously “topping off” our prosecco glasses. Then Joe Flamm, guardian angel in charge, pops out and says, while you’re waiting, try this Tonno Vitellato (not pictured because I was momentarily paralyzed by being starstruck) and some bread and ricotta.

Once we arrived at our miracle table, the food just kept coming. It’s the best “salad” I’ve ever had, and the best risotto I’ve ever had, and then they hand us gnocchi, to our surprise, and shave (rather large) black truffles on it, and guess what? It’s seriously the best. Then we get our main courses. Whoa. Farinata and Fagiano (total sidenote, but that definitely sounds like the name of a couple of Italian tailors from the old country). Then our new friend, Joe Flamm comes back out to give us some sorbet and to check if we’re still alive after having eaten all of the food in his restaurant.

It was awesome. Such an incredible experience.

P.S. I learned that my husband can not play it cool when starstruck 😉 he made all kinds of awkward comments. It was adorable and I love him so much for it.

Spiaggia July 13, 2018
"Surprise" Gnocchi
“Surprise” Gnocchi
Let's just get up close and personal with the black truffles
Let’s just get up close and personal with the black truffles
Blurry Joe Flamm
Blurry Joe Flamm

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